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As the largest bus information platform in Pakistan, PK BUSES offers a range of services, such as up-to-date information on bus services, bus manufacturers, and other related information in Pakistan’s transportation industry.

You will find bus terminals, contact numbers, online bus bookings, Bus Ticket Prices, Bus Timings, Bus Routes, Bus Review Videos, Travel Guides, and much more at PK BUSES.

In addition, PK BUSES also provides news updates about new developments in the field of public transport. Bus operators like Daewoo Express, Faisal Movers, Q Connect, Road Master, Waraich Express, Shahid Coach, Niazi Express, Bilal Travels, and many others are listed, and we put the best of our efforts to deliver every information available. Our goal is to ensure that travelers have access to the most reliable and accurate information available, making their journey safe and convenient.

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Popular Bus Services in Pakistan

Pakistan boasts a number of private bus companies that service routes all over the country, traveling by bus is an affordable and popular way to get around. There is a large number of bus companies to choose from, below are some of most popular bus companies in the country.

daewoo express logo for website

First Ever Luxury Bus Service Introduced in late 90’s, having vast network in Pakistan.

faisal movers new logo for website

Founded in 2003 and now is one of the largest Bus company, having nationwide network.

road master logo website

Road Master is a luxury bus service, operating in Lahore, Multan & Rawalpindi.

waraich express new logo

Waraich Express is one of the oldest and biggest bus service in Pakistan.

Silk Line Bus Service Logo

Silk Line is a luxury bus service operating in major cities of Punjab.

niazi express new logo

Founded in Early 90’s, having bus network in all four provinces of the country.

Skyways bus service new logo

Skyways is a luxury bus company having service in major cities of Pakistan.

kohistan express logo png

Operating since early 90’s, Kohistan Express expanded from non-AC to luxury bus service.

manthar group MG business class bus serice logo

Manthar Transport Company is one of the oldest and biggest bus service in Pakistan.

Q Connect Logo for website

Q Connect is 5 Star bus service operating between Lahore and Islamabad.

baloch daewoo new logo

Baloch Travels is of the oldest transport companies, serving four provinces.

Bilal Travels FMBT Express bus service logo

Bilal Travels is a luxury bus service operating in major cities of Pakistan.

new khan bus service logo

New Khan Road Runners is a luxury bus service operating in Punjab.

shahid coach bus service logo

Shahid Coach is a luxury bus service headquartered in Swat, having routes to Lahore, Karachi.

kainat travels logo for website

Kainat Travels is luxury bus service operating in Major Cities of Punjab & Sindh

sania express new logo

Sania Express operating in major cities of Punjab such as Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad.

Popular Quetta Buses in Balochistan, Pakistan

Quetta is the capital city of Balochsitan Province of Pakistan. There are many bus services which are operating from Quetta to all over the country such as Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Gwadar, Multan, Bahawalpur, Sadiqabad etc. Here is the list of some popular buses operating from Quetta, Balochistan.

sada bahar daewoo service quetta to karachi, lahore, rawalpindi

Sada Bahar bus service or Sada Bahar Coaches is an intercity bus service which operates from Quetta to All over Pakistan

new shandar bus service logo quetta to karachi

New Shandar is a luxury bus service headquartered in Quetta having sleeper & Luxury buses to Karachi.

super mekhtar bus service

Super Mekhtar is an intercity bus service which operates from Quetta to All over Pakistan

book rent a car, bus, coaster, hi roof in lahore, multan, islamabad, karachi

Bus Operators Ticket Prices

Looking to travel by bus in Pakistan? There are a number of bus companies operating in the country, offering a range of services with different ticket prices. Faisal Movers, for example, offers express services between major cities like Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Peshawar, and Islamabad, as well as budget-friendly options for shorter journeys. Daewoo Express is another popular choice for inter-city travel, with a fleet of modern buses and a reliable schedule. For those looking to travel on a budget, Road Master, Skyways, Kohistan Express, and Sania Express offer affordable bus fares. Waraich Express, Manthar Group, Sada Bahar, and some others are also worth considering, with these companies offering a comfortable journey at a reasonable price. So, whatever your budget or destination, there’s sure to be a bus company in Pakistan that can get you there. Just choose the bus company from below or visit Bus Ticket Price in Pakistan.

faisal movers fares & new logo MAIN

Faisal Movers

Daewoo Express Ticket Price

Daewoo Express

kainat travels logo new

Kainat Travels

road master bus timings and fare

Road Master

Bus Timings of Pakistani Buses

Pakistan has a number of bus companies that offer services throughout the country. The bus timings of these companies vary, and it can be hard to know which company offers the best service and when they operate. Just Select the bus timings of some of the most popular bus companies in Pakistan so that you can have a better idea of when to travel. You can choose from the below list of just-visit Bus Timings/Schedule Of Pakistani Buses

faisal movers fares & new logo MAIN

Faisal Movers

Daewoo Express Ticket Price

Daewoo Express

road master bus timings and fare

Road Master

waraich express bus timings & fares

Waraich Express

Pakistan Travel Guide

Pakistan is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world, it has a rich culture and history of one of the oldest civilizations. PK BUSES provides a travel guide for traveling in Pakistan by Bus, Train, car, and Air. We try to provide the best possible travel information for travelers, whether they are traveling by bus or any other mode of transportation.

  • Taking a bus is a good option and also a cheaper one but can take time to reach your destination.
  • Taking a train is cheaper than the bus, but it can take more time to travel.
  • Taking a taxi is an expensive option than the above two, but you can have your stops during the travel.
  • Flying is the fastest way to travel, but it is also the most expensive one.

Travel from Karachi

Karachi to Punjab | Karachi to Chasma  |  Karachi to D.I Khan  |  Karachi to Rahim Yar Khan  |  Karachi to Bhakkar  |  Karachi to Khanpur  |  Karachi to Abbotabad  |  Karachi to Faisalabad Karachi to HyderabadKarachi to Jhang  |  Karachi to Taunsa  |  Karachi to KohatKarachi to Haripur  |  Karachi to Multan  |  Karachi to Peshawar  |  Karachi to Ahmedpur East  |  Karachi to Kashmore Karachi to Daharki  Karachi to Lahore  |  Karachi to Swat  |  Karachi to Khanewal  |  Karachi to Bahawalpur  |  Karachi to Sukkur  |  Karachi to Rawalpindi  Karachi to GwadarKarachi to Quetta  |  Karachi to Pano Aqil  |  Karachi to DG Khan  |  Karachi to Sahiwal  | Karachi to Okara  |  Karachi to Sadiqabad  |  Karachi to Sargodha  | Karachi to Moro  |  Karachi to Mianwali  |  Karachi to Mardan  | Karachi to Rajanpur |  Karachi to Talagang  |  Karachi to Batkhela | Karachi to Mansehra

Travel from Lahore

Lahore to Chasma  |  Lahore to D.I Khan  |  Lahore to Rahim Yar Khan  |  Lahore to Bhakkar  |  Lahore to Khanpur  |  Lahore to Abbotabad  |  Lahore to Faisalabad Lahore to HyderabadLahore to Jhang  |  Lahore to Taunsa  |  Lahore to Haripur  |  Lahore to Multan  |  Lahore to Peshawar  |  Lahore to Ahmedpur East  |  Lahore to Daharki  Lahore to Karachi  |  Lahore to Swat  |  Lahore to Khanewal  |  Lahore to Bahawalpur  |  Lahore to Sukkur  |  Lahore to Rawalpindi  |  Lahore to Quetta  |  Lahore to Pano Aqil  |  Lahore to DG Khan  |  Lahore to Sahiwal  | Lahore to Okara  |  Lahore to Sadiqabad  |  Lahore to Sargodha  | Lahore to Moro  |  Lahore to Mianwali  |  Lahore to Mardan  | Lahore to Rajanpur  |  Lahore to Murree | Lahore to Peshawar  | Lahore to Swat | Lahore to Muzaffarabad | Lahore to FaisalabadLahore to Layyah | Lahore to Gujrat

Travel from Islamabad

Islamabad to Gilgit  |  Islamabad to Batkhela |  Islamabad to Bahawalpur |  Islamabad to Ahmed Pur East |  Islamabad to Abbottabad |  Islamabad to Mardan |Islamabad to Swat | Islamabad to Khanewal | Islamabad to Sialkot |  Islamabad to Sargodha  |  Islamabad to Sadiqabad  | Islamabad to Moro |  Islamabad to Faisalabad |  Islamabad to Dera Ismail Khan |  Islamabad to Dera Ghazi KhanIslamabad to Bhakkar |  Islamabad to Gujranwala |  Islamabad to Gujrat |  Islamabad to Haripur |  Islamabad to Hyderabad  |  Islamabad to Jhang |  Islamabad to Jhelum |  Islamabad to Nowshera |  Islamabad to Mirpur Islamabad to Multan |  Islamabad to MurreeIslamabad to Mianwali | Islamabad to Kashmore | Islamabad to Lahore | Islamabad to Karachi | Islamabad to Quetta | Islamabad to Chowk Bahadurpur | Islamabad to Muzaffarabad | Islamabad to Chashma

Travel from Peshawar

Peshawar to Rajanpur  |  Peshawar to Nowshera   |  Peshawar to Moro   |  Peshawar to Kashmore  |  Peshawar to Rawalpindi  |  Peshawar to Taunsa Sharif  |  Peshawar to Dera Ismail Khan  |  Peshawar to Dera Ghazi Khan |  Peshawar to Mardan  |  Peshawar to Abbottabad  |  Peshawar to Lahore |  Peshawar to Bhakkar  |  Peshawar to Kohat   |  Peshawar to Sialkot  |  Peshawar to Sukkur  |  Peshawar to Sadiqabad |  Peshawar to Multan |  Peshawar to Jhang   |  Peshawar to Hyderabad  |  Peshawar to Haripur  |  Peshawar to Gujranwala  |  Peshawar to Faisalabad  |  Peshawar to Batkhela | Peshawar to Bahawalpur |  Peshawar to Swat   |  Peshawar to Karachi