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bus fares & ticket price in Pakistan of all bus service. Luxury Bus tickets of Faisal Movers, Daewoo Yutong

Bus Fares / Ticket Prices of Bus Companies in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country that is known for its diverse and vibrant culture, breathtaking scenery, and bustling cities. One of the most common modes of transportation in Pakistan is by bus, which connects various parts of the country. Bus travel is affordable and convenient for people exploring different aspects of Pakistan. The prices of bus tickets vary depending on various factors such as the distance, type of bus, and the services provided.

In this article, we will discuss the bus ticket prices of Pakistani buses and give you an insight into what you can expect when traveling by bus in Pakistan.

Bus Fares in Pakistan

Several bus companies operate in the country, offering various services with different ticket prices. Faisal Movers, for example, offers business class bus service between major cities like Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Peshawar, and Rawalpindi/Islamabad and budget-friendly options for short and long journeys. Daewoo Express is another popular choice for inter-city travel, with a fleet of modern buses and a reliable schedule, for those looking to travel on a budget, Road Master, Skyways and Kohistan Express offer affordable bus fares. Waraich Express, Manthar Group, Sada Bahar, and others are also worth considering.

Here is a list of popular bus route ticket prices in Pakistan in 2024.

FromToStarting Ticket Fare
KarachiRawalpindi/IslamabadPKR 6500
LahoreRawalpindi/IslamabadPKR 1900
Rawalpindi/IslamabadMultanPKR 2500
Rawalpindi/IslamabadBahawalpurPKR 3000
Rawalpindi/IslamabadGilgitPKR 4500
KarachiLahorePKR 5500
LahoreBahawalpurPKR 2000
LahoreMultanPKR 1800
KarachiQuettaPKR 2000
LahoreQuettaPKR 4500
LahoreFaisalabadPKR 1000
LahoreSwatPKR 2200
FaisalabadRawalpindi/IslamabadPKR 1200
FaisalabadMultanPKR 1200

Bus Fares in Pakistan 2024 | Ticket Fares of Pakistani Buses

Bus Ticket Fares vary for every bus service, according to the facilities they offer. Below are Bus Fares in Pakistan from popular bus companies, check ticket prices for your next journey.

Bus CompanyTicket Price List
Daewoo ExpressView Ticket Fares
Road MasterView Ticket Fares
Faisal MoversView Ticket Fares
Q ConnectView Ticket Fares
Baloch TransportView Ticket Fares
Bilal TravelsView Ticket Fares
FM Bilal TravelsView Ticket Fares
New KhanView Ticket Fares
ITC CruzerView Ticket Fares
Kainat TravelsView Ticket Fares
Kohistan ExpressView Ticket Fares
Manthar Transort Co.View Ticket Fares
Niazi ExpressView Ticket Fares
Niazi Express 99View Ticket Fares
Pakistan ExpressView Ticket Fares
Power InternationalView Ticket Fares
Rajput TravelsView Ticket Fares
Sandhu PowerView Ticket Fares
Sania ExpressView Ticket Fares
Shahid CoachView Ticket Fares
Silk LineView Ticket Fares
SkywaysView Ticket Fares
Waraich ExpressView Ticket Fares
Royal ExpressView Ticket Fares
Bala GujjarView Ticket Fares
Ali ExpressView Ticket Fares
Dilawar Khan TravelsView Ticket Fares
Afsar Khan TravelsView Ticket Fares
Soan Valley ExpressView Ticket Fares
Swat CoachView Ticket Fares
Paklines DaewooView Ticket Fares
MG Business ClassView Ticket Fares
Mian & CompanyView Ticket Fares
Adil ExpressView Ticket Fares
Fareed Jan TransportView Ticket Fares
Sapna DaewooView Ticket Fares
Mujahid Khan CoachesView Ticket Fares
Sangu Niazi ExpressView Ticket Fares
PAK Express TransportView Ticket Fares
Jeevay Sher BrothersView Ticket Fares
New Darbar TransportView Ticket Fares
Al Syed Gujrat TravelsView Ticket Fares
Mehran Shahid & Nosheen coView Ticket Fares
Al-Masoom DaewooView Ticket Fares
Khan Brothers TransportView Ticket Fares
Al Awan ExpressView Ticket Fares
Golden CoachView Ticket Fares
Gul Ishtiaq CoachView Ticket Fares
Karachi Coach Service (KCS)View Ticket Fares
Fahad CoachView Ticket Fares
Ahmad Travels(Nosheen Coaches)View Ticket Fares
Al Mustafa DaewooView Ticket Fares
Indus DaewooView Ticket Fares
Al Shahbaz TravelsView Ticket Fares
Iftikhar ExpressView Ticket Fares
Mianwali ExpressView Ticket Fares
Motorway ExpressView Ticket Fares
Nazri GujjarView Ticket Fares
Zaryab MoversView Ticket Fares
Domki Express (Geo Al Razzaq)View Ticket Fares
Ahbab ExpressView Ticket Fares
AKC AKAZAI GroupView Ticket Fares
AKG MoversView Ticket Fares
Geo Javed CoachesView Ticket Fares
Rana BrothersView Ticket Fares
Afridi MoversView Ticket Fares
Khan MoversView Ticket Fares
Al Sanober ExpressView Ticket Fares
Marcopolo ExpressView Ticket Fares
DMC CoachesView Ticket Fares
Adil Shah CoachesView Ticket Fares
AK MoversView Ticket Fares
Madina ExpressView Ticket Fares
Nosheen CoachView Ticket Fares
Pindi CoachesView Ticket Fares
Potohar ExpressView Ticket Fares
Srinagar ExpressView Ticket Fares
Muslim MoversView Ticket Fares
Shahzada ExpressView Ticket Fares
Hazara MoversView Ticket Fares
Sardar TravelView Ticket Fares
Shahzada ExpressView Ticket Fares
Waryam TravelView Ticket Fares
Naeem MoversView Ticket Fares
Matyana MoversView Ticket Fares
Iqbal SonsView Ticket Fares
Al Mumtaz CoachesView Ticket Fares
Bahawalpur ExpressView Ticket Fares
Geo Swat ExpressView Ticket Fares
Hindukush ExpressView Ticket Fares
Geo Swat ExpressView Ticket Fares
Pakiza TravelView Ticket Fares
Diamond CoachesView Ticket Fares
Shahzaib ExpressView Ticket Fares
Gul e KashmirView Ticket Fares
Shahzaib ExpressView Ticket Fares
Shaheen ExpressView Ticket Fares
Shahzaib ExpressView Ticket Fares
Mashabrum ToursView Ticket Fares
Al Aziz CoachesView Ticket Fares
Kashif Ansar Flying CoachView Ticket Fares
Muzaffarabad ExpressView Ticket Fares
Rana Jahanzaib TransportView Ticket Fares
Rana Asghar TransportView Ticket Fares
Rohi Muslim Flying CoachesView Ticket Fares
Rana Asghar TransportView Ticket Fares
Al Saif CoachesView Ticket Fares
GN MoversView Ticket Fares
Sadaat TravelsView Ticket Fares
New Mekhtar DaewooView Ticket Fares
K2 MoversView Ticket Fares
Al Makkah President CoachesView Ticket Fares

All these companies offer a comfortable journey at a reasonable price. So, whatever your budget or destination is, there’s sure to be a bus company in Pakistan that can get you there.


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FAQ: Frequently Asked Question

  1. How to check bus ticket fares in Pakistan?

    To check bus ticket prices in Pakistan visit www.pkbuses.com

  2. What is the ticket price from Lahore to Islamabad/Rawalpindi?

    Lahore to Islamabad/Rawalpindi bus tickets start from Rs. 1200

  3. What is the bus ticket fare from Lahore to Karachi?

    Lahore to Karachi bus fares start from Rs. 5000

  4. What is the bus ticket fare from Karachi to Rawalpindi/Islamabad?

    Karachi to Rawalpindi/Islamabad bus ticket fares start from Rs. 6000

  5. What is the bus ticket fare from Lahore to Bahawalpur?

    Lahore to Bahawalpur bus ticket fares start from Rs. 1600

  6. What is the bus ticket fare from Lahore to Multan?

    Lahore to Multan bus fares start from Rs. 1500

  7. What is the bus ticket fare from Karachi to Quetta?

    Karachi to Quetta bus fares start from Rs. 2500