Travel from Karachi to Swat By Bus | How to Travel to Swat?

How to Travel from Karachi to Swat By Bus, Car or Air

Travel from Karachi to Swat By Bus | How to Travel to Swat?

Pakistan is a lot more than Lahore vs Karachi; Chicken Biryani, Gol Gappay, Bun Kabab, and Humayun Saeed being the macho man in every movie. Pakistan is home to some of the world’s most beautiful locations. Now that the overall security situation has improved over the past five years, tourism is thriving and visitors from across the globe are coming in droves to marvel at the natural scenery of the country. Speaking of mesmerizing landscapes and tourist destinations in Pakistan, have you ever been to Swat Valley? We will be covering today on Travel from Karachi to Swat By Bus

A Little About Swat Valley:

Before we take you guys on the bus journey to Swat, let’s talk a little about the beauty of this city.

Swat Valley, situated amid the foothills of the Hindu Kush mountains, is aptly described as “the Switzerland of the East.” People here appreciate chilly weather basically all year. Because the valley is in the Malakand Division of KPK, the residents are largely from the Gujjar, Pashtun, and Kohistani ethnicities. These individuals are well-known for their friendliness and hospitality. Swat’s inhabitants are one-of-a-kind in every way, from their food to their culture.

With the magnificent scenery, the lush green mountain areas, the purest Swat Valley, and the inviting character of the people, I believe the heavenly spot will live on in my memories for the rest of my life. The major locations to visit in Swat are Mingora, Malam Jabba, Kalam, Green Valley, Fizaghat, and Bahrain.

Karachi to Swat by Bus, car or Air ?

There is no direct connection from Karachi to Swat by air. However, you can take a flight to Peshawar, then take the taxi to Swat. Alternatively, fly to Islamabad, then take the taxi to Swat. Travel from Karachi to Swat By Bus is the best option; also you can travel by car.One of the most common misconceptions about long-distance travel is that it’s better to get on a plane rather than a bus if you’re heading out cross-country. Bus travel, however, has a few distinct advantages that flying cannot provide, such as:

  • The sightseeing
  • Total cost of travel
  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Amenities

If you enjoy traveling and consider the trip as an opportunity to have more fun, then bus travel is for you. However, flying is cool if you are on a business trip and need to reach from one place to another in no time, with a big budget. Other than that, don’t let your pocket burn and go for bus service. 

Travel from Karachi to Swat By Bus:

Mingora is a city in Swat which can be called as Hub for tourism in Swat Valley as you can get transport from Mingora to every location such as Malam Jabba, Kalam, Bahrain etc. So we will be discussing travel till Mingora in Swat. The Swat Motorway, also known as the Swat Expressway, is the most convenient choice. The Swat Motorway connects the Valley to Islamabad, Lahore and Peshawar.

Karachi to Swat (Mingora) bus route and travel time:

Total distance from Karachi to Swat (Mingora) is approximately 1600 KM; travel from Karachi to Swat by bus can be covered in around 20 to 22 hours by Motorways. There are many bus services operating from Karachi to Swat. This is the cheapest and the safest option. The simplest route includes major cities like Hyderabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, and Peshawar.

Which Bus Service Should I Choose To Get There?

There are many bus services which offer travel from Karachi to Swat by bus. We have a list of the best bus operators in the country so you can have a hassle-free journey, as an individual or with a family.

  1. Faisal Movers
  2. Shahid Coach
  3. Swat Coach

Shahid Coach:

Shahid Coach Service (SCS), a public transportation company, has its main terminus and headquarters in the scenic Swat Valley. Shahid Coach is based in Swat and serves three main cities: Karachi, Lahore, and Faisalabad, allowing them to conduct business in three distinct provinces (KPK, Punjab & Sindh).

 They have the following facilities available on the bus:

  • RefreshmentLCD TabsCharging Ports

Daily departure from Metro Wheel, Frontier Morr Karachi is at 10:00 AM.

The current standard fare for Karachi to Swat is 4000/- per seat.

For Online booking:

Swat Coach:

Swat Coach is located at Swat Coach Terminal Mingora, Swat, KPK Pakistan. Swat Coach has established terminals and offices in all major cities of Pakistan from where it provides transportation services to and from Swat. Swat Coach offers multiple services such as Daewoo Coach Service, Yutong Coach Service, Coaster Service, Hiace, and 2D Car.Swat Coach charges 3500 RS for Karachi to Swat (Mingora) per seat.Daily departure from Sohrab Goth Terminal is at 12:00 PM & 03:00PM.For Online Booking you can visit

Other Possible Ways to reach Swat:

From some cities, coasters are available towards SWAT after every 30 minutes from early morning till late in the evening. Such as Peshawar, Islamabad, Mardan etc. You can also drive towards Swat by car or private vehicle as the road conditions are very good in Swat. Moreover, you can read 4 best buses from Swat

Takeaway: A typical travel advice to Travel from Karachi to Swat By Bus

Swat is one of Pakistan’s most popular tourist sites, with thousands of visitors each year. If you are also planning a trip, bus service is one of the most cost-effective and dependable modes of transportation. Getting to Swat is now easier than ever by bus as many bus companies offer travel from Karachi to Swat by bus.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there any bus from Karachi to Swat?

Yes, there are many bus services from Karachi to Swat such as Faisal Movers, Shahid Coach, Swat coach etc.

How much time buses take to reach from Karachi to Swat?

Travel from Karachi to Swat by bus can be covered in around 20 to 22 hours by Motorways

How much is the ticket price from Karachi to Swat?

Buses charge around 4000 to 5000 for bus journey from Karachi to Swat, depending on bus type.

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