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Manthar Transport Company sadiqbad to Islamabad best bus service

About Manthar Transport:

Manthar Transport Co. is one of the oldest and biggest Transport Company with an advanced and organized transport system in Pakistan. It is one of the transport company to have a nationwide network. Being a transport service provider the company owns a large fleet of buses, Technically Advanced Workshops to maintain the fleet for the safety of the passengers, State of the Art Terminals, Drivers and Mechanical Staff. Company has been rendering transport facilities since its inception in 1984 to the people of Pakistan.

Cities Covered
Experience in Field

Categories & Services

Manthar Transport has multiple categories of buses like Daewoo, Yutong and King Long which are very economical but luxury services that attracts the customers.

Luxury buses available for many routes
This category is much luxury with extended leg space and other BUSINESS facilities.

Manthar Transport Company features luxury buses containing state of the art facilities.

• 40 seats on board

• Personal entertainment console, for every seat, making your journey full of nonstop entertainment.

• Always stay connected with office, family and friends. The battery will not die with charging sockets provided in every seat

• Play your favorite video games

• Perk up your moods with our hot and cold beverage service

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Top Operating Bus Routes

Karachi - Lahore

Sadiqabad - Karachi

Sadiqabad - Gujranwala

Bahawalpur - Faisalabad

Sadiqabad - Faisalabad

Sadiqabad - Sialkot

Sadiqabad - Sargodha

Islamabad - Sadiqbad

Bahawalpur - Narowal

Rahim Yar Khan - Sialkot

Lahore - Sadiqabad

Bahawalpur - Quetta

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Manthar Terminals & Contact Numbers Information

Niazi Express Band Road Lahore

Address: Subhan Travels, Station chowk, Manthar Transport, Faislabad

Contact: 0322 6044347

Address: Opposite general bus stand, jail road , Sialkot.

Address: Ghosia Chowk , Manthar Terminal, Sadiqabad

Contact: 0300 5709395


Address: Khanpur adda, Khanpur road, Manthar Terminal, Rahim Yar Khan

Contact: 0302 9672595


Address: New Laari adda, Manthar Terminal, Kot Samaba.

Contact: 0302 8145111


Address: Allah Wala Chowk, Manthar Terminal, Liaquat Pur.

Contact: 0301 2879595


Address: Dinpur Chowk, Manthar Transport, Khan Pur.

Contact: 0300 8958495


Address: AC Terminal, Stand No_8, BahawalPur.

Contact: 0301 2464005


Address: Badami Bagh, Larri Adda

Bakkar Mandi Chowk, Niazi Adda, Lahore

Contact: 0301 7641295


Address: Chacha Basti chowk,Manthar terminal, Ahmedpur sharqia

Contact: 0301 7776829


Address: Sohrabgoth Near Supermarket Al Asif Square, manthar Transport, Karachi.

Contact: 0300 7048395


Address: Daud Pota road G1G Building, Cant station, Near Regency Hotel, Manthar Transport, Karachi

Contact: 0305 3195171


Address: Main Chowk, Near Chaudhry Bakeri,  Taranda

Contact: 0308 7470865


Address: Main Bus Adda, Manthar , Sajah

Contact: 0301 3984429


Address: Batti chowk, Manthar Adda, Shaikupura

Contact: 0301 4473541


Address: Pakeeza Travel, Peerwadai General Bus stand, Manthar Transport

New Darbar travel, Mandi Mor, Manthar Transport

Faizabad Bahwalpur express, Manthar Transport

Motorway chowk, Manthar Transport, Near Faisal Movers

Contact: 0300 6506095


Address: Main Bus Stand

Contact: 0303 7062253


Address: Main Bus Stand

Contact: 0301 5830885


Address: Main Bus Stand

Contact: 0332 8038203


Address: Manthar Main Bus Stand

Contact: 0307 6419375


Address: Main Bus Stand

Contact: 0300 6020796


Address: Main Bus Stand

Contact: 068 2274776


Address: Main Bus Stand

Contact: 0306 6955990


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