New Shandar

About New Shandar Bus Company:

New Shandaar Coach is a role model and trend setter private transport company in Pakistan with largest infrastructural setup and buses. They have sleeper buses which are operational from Quetta to Karachi and now they have introduced a unique designed bus assembeled in Pakistan.

Cities Covered
Experience in Field



  1. In-Seat Power Outlets
  2. Snacks & Drinks
  3. Reclining leather seats
  4. Onboard attendant
  5. Audio Visual Entertainment – Movies, TV Shows, Games
  6. A.C  / Header

Booking Seat

Reservation over the phone. You can reserve your Seat by calling on below  number & details will be sent on your Mobile Number.


Luggage up to 30 Kg. is allowed per ticket. Excess luggage shall be charged as per company policy.

OnBoard Entertainment

You can also enjoy nonstop music from our exclusive playlists catering to all genres. The seats are also equipped with mobile chargers and plug in power for your tablet or laptop.You can also play video games with your kids and spend a great time.

Bus Categories

New Shandar Bus Company is a unique company which has the most luxuriest buses in Pakistan operating between Quetta and Karachi. They have customized buses according to customer’s needs like sleeper and a unique Road Bullet bus.

Sleeper Buses
Hyundai buses Customized as Sleeper Buses

Top Operating Routes

Quetta - Karachi

Karachi - Quetta

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Terminals & Contact Information

Karachi Office: 021-32220326

Quetta Office: 081-2445234