Bilal Travels Business Class Bus Service

bilal travels business class bus services started for Lahore to Multan

Bilal Travels Business Class Bus Service

Bilal Travels, a well-known bus service provider in Lahore, has recently announced its new business class bus service between Lahore and Multan. This new service offers added comfort and luxury for those traveling between these two cities. Travelers can now look forward to spacious seats, ample legroom, and a host of other amenities. So if you’re planning to visit Multan or are looking for an extra comfortable way to travel between Lahore and Multan, be sure to check out Bilal Travels’ new business class bus service!

Bilal Travels Business Class Bus Service:

BilalTravels announced New Business Class Service for Lahore Multan route In collaboration with QConnect.

Bilal Travels and Q connect are two bus operators known as luxurious bus services in Pakistan.

Back in 2012 when Bilal Travels was launched with luxury daewoo buses after Daewoo Express, Bilal Travels once grabbed all passengers from the operators which were operating that time like Faisal Movers and Daewoo Express because of new and updated buses while these operators were having old and less comfort buses.

Q Connect is the most luxurious and expensive bus service which operates on Lahore – Islamabad route. Now they have added Multan City to their operating list and collaborated with Bilal Travels to gain passengers.

These buses have VOD Entertainment System, Refreshments, Kitchen and Washroom facilities.

You can book tickets from both the operators from online or you can visit their terminal at Rahber Travels Band Road Lahore.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions:

Do Bilal Travels have business class bus service?

Yes, they have launched business class bus service from Lahore to Multan.

What is the fare for Bilal Travels Business Class bus?

They have multiple fares according to the city you are traveling for.

How much time Bilal Travels takes from Lahore to Karachi?

Bilal Travels takes 18-20 hours from Lahore to Karachi.

How do I book a Bilal Travels Ticket?

Tickets can be booked online via our website or by calling UAN 111 287 444. The payment of online tickets can be made by jazz cash or easy paisa.

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  • Jesica January 23, 2022 @ 4:06 am

    These buses are very good. Thank you for the info

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