Rajput Travels Ticket Price List

rajput travels ticket price list

Rajput Travels Ticket Price List Updated 2023

Planning on traveling by bus in Pakistan? Wondering what the cost is for a ticket from Multan to Lahore, Sahiwal, or Mianwali? Check out this list of Rajput Travels ticket price list! You’ll be able to find all the information you need to plan your trip with this company.

About Rajput Travels:

Rajput Travels Bus Service Headquartered in Multan, Punjab Pakistan. It is operating in Some major cities of Punjab such as Multan, Lahore, Gujranwala, Mian Channu, Chichawatni, Sahiwal, and Okara.

The company has added a fleet of new modern buses like Yutong Double Glass and other Yutong buses as well, they were operating buses like Daewoo and Kazay in the past.

Rajput Travels Ticket Price List | Rajput Travels Bus Ticket Fares

(Note: Prices listed below are subject to change without notice.)

Fares List updated on 25 June 2023

Rajput Travel G.T Road Fares

RouteViaTicket Price
Multan to KhanewalGT. RoadRs. 250
Multan to Mian ChanuGT. RoadRs. 520
Multan to ChichaWatniGT. RoadRs. 770
Multan to SahiwalGT. RoadRs. 880
Multan to Okara GT. RoadRs. 1000
Multan to Manga MandiGT. RoadRs. 1200
Multan to LahoreGT. RoadRs. 1250
Multan to Gujranwala GT. RoadRs. 1700
Multan to KamaliaGT. RoadRs. 800
Multan to RajanaGT. RoadRs. 900
Multan to NankanaGT. RoadRs. 1500
Multan to ShaikhopuraGT. RoadRs. 1600
Multan to WarbatanGT. RoadRs. 1550

Rajput Travel Motorway Fares

RouteViaExecutiveExe. Plus
Multan to GujranwalaMotorwayRs. 1900Rs. 2250
Multan to GujratMotorwayRs. 2100Rs. 2400
Multan to IslamabadMotorwayRs. 2200
Multan to KarachiMotorwayRs. 3500
Multan to HyderabadMotorwayRs. 3000
Multan to MoroMotorwayRs. 3000
Multan to SukkurMotorwayRs. 2700

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Rajput Travel Online Booking:

Bookme, Bookkaru offers online ticket bookings of Rajput Travels for major routes from Multan, such as Multan to Lahore, Multan to Gujranwala via Motorway, and G.T Road. It often gives discounts to its clients who buy tickets through its online portal.

for bookings: bookme.pk

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Complain Rajput Travels Bus Service?

For Complaints about Rajput Travels Bus Service, You can call 03117771111.

How Much Rajput Travels Charge From Multan To Gujranwala?

Rajput Travels Bus Charge 1450 Rs From Multan to Gujranwala.

How Much Rajput Travels Charge From Khanewal To Lahore?

Rajput Travels Bus Charge 1100Rs From Khanewal To Lahore.

How much Rajput Travels Charge From Khanewal To Sahiwal?

Rajput Travels Bus Charge 550Rs From Khanewal To Sahiwal.

In Which Cities of Pakistan Rajput Travels Provides its Services.

Rajput Travels Bus Service Provides Services Between Multan, Karachi, Lahore, Sahiwal, Khanewal, MianChannu, and many other cities

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