Manthar Transport Company Bus Timings

manthar transport company bus timings for Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Sadiqabad, Rahim Yar Khan, Sialkot, Gujranwala, Faisalabad

Manthar Transport Company Bus Timings

Sadiqabad to other Cities Bus Timings

Departure TerminalArrival TerminalTime
SadiqabadTalakangh3:15 PM
SadiqabadJehlum3:30 PM
SadiqabadRawalpindi4:15 PM
SadiqabadSialkot4:30 PM
Sadiqabadgujrat5:15 PM
SadiqabadTalakangh5:15 PM
Sadiqabadsargodha5:30 PM
SadiqabadLahore6:00 PM
Sadiqabadshaikopora6:00 PM
SadiqabadRawalpindi6:15 PM
SadiqabadZafarwal6:15 PM
SadiqabadKarachi (Gulshan Hadeed)6:30 PM
SadiqabadLahore6:45 PM
SadiqabadGujranwala7:00 PM
SadiqabadKarachi (Sohrab Goth Cant)7:30 PM
SadiqabadLahore7:30 PM
SadiqabadQuetta8:00 PM
SadiqabadKarachi (Sohrab Goth Cant)8:00 PM
SadiqabadLahore8:15 PM
Sadiqabadsargodha8:15 PM
SadiqabadKarachi (Sohrab Goth Cant)8:30 PM
SadiqabadLahore9:00 PM
SadiqabadQuetta9:00 PM
SadiqabadGujranwala9:15 PM
SadiqabadKarachi (Sohrab Goth Cant)9:30 PM
SadiqabadGujranwala10:00 PM
SadiqabadKarachi (Sohrab Goth Cant)5:30 AM

Manthar Transport Company Bus Timings | Rahim Yar Khan to other Cities Bus Timings

Departure TerminalArrival TerminalTime
Rahim Yar khanJhelum4:30 PM
Rahim Yar khanRawalpindi5:15 PM
Rahim Yar khanSialkot5:30 PM
Rahim Yar khanKarachi5:45 PM
Rahim Yar khanGujrat6:00 PM
Rahim Yar khanSarghodha6:30 PM
Rahim Yar khanShekhupora7:00 PM
Rahim Yar khanZafarwal7:00 PM
Rahim Yar khanRawalpindi7:00 PM
Rahim Yar khanKarachi7:30 PM
Rahim Yar khanLahore7:30 PM
Rahim Yar khanGujranwala7:45 PM
Rahim Yar khanQuetta8:00 PM
Rahim Yar khanKarachi8:30 PM
Rahim Yar khanlahore8:30 PM
Rahim Yar khanSargodha9:00 PM
Rahim Yar khanLahore9:15 PM
Rahim Yar khanGujranwala10:00 PM
Rahim Yar khanLahore10:00 PM
Rahim Yar khanGujranwala10:30 PM
Rahim Yar khanBahawalnagar10:45 PM

Manthar Transport Company Bus Timings | Khanpur to other Cities Bus Timings

Departure TerminalArrival TerminalTime
KhanpurJehlum5:00 PM
KhanpurSialkot6:00 PM
KhanpurRawalpindi6:00 PM
KhanpurKarachi6:00 PM
KhanpurQuetta6:30 PM
KhanpurLahore7:00 PM
KhanpurSarghodha7:15 PM
KhanpurLahore7:30 PM
KhanpurNarowal8:00 PM
KhanpurRawalpindi8:00 PM
KhanpurShekhupora8:00 PM
KhanpurGujranwala8:45 PM
KhanpurLahore9:15 PM
KhanpurGujranwala10:30 PM
KhanpurKarachi10:30 PM

Liaqatpur to Other Cities Bus Timings

Departure TerminalArrival TerminalTime
Liaqat PurQuetta5:00 PM
Liaqat PurJehlum6:15 PM
Liaqat PurRawalpindi6:45 PM
Liaqat PurSialkot7:15 PM
Liaqat PurGujrat8:00 PM
Liaqat PurSarghodha8:15 PM
Liaqat PurShekhupora8:45 PM
Liaqat PurZafarwal8:45 PM
Liaqat PurRawalpindi8:45 PM
Liaqat PurGujranwala9:15 PM
Liaqat Purfaisalabad9:15 PM
Liaqat PurLahore9:15 PM

Ahmadpur East to other Cities Bus Timings

Departure TerminalArrival TerminalTime
Ahmedpur SharqiaQuetta7:30 PM
Ahmedpur SharqiaJehlum6:45 PM
Ahmedpur SharqiaRawalpindi7:30 PM
Ahmedpur SharqiaSialkot8:00 PM
Ahmedpur SharqiaGujrat8:30 PM
Ahmedpur SharqiaSarghodha9:10 PM
Ahmedpur SharqiaShekhupora9:30 PM
Ahmedpur SharqiaRawalpindi9:30 PM
Ahmedpur SharqiaZafarwal9:45 PM
Ahmedpur SharqiaLahore10:30 PM
Ahmedpur SharqiaLahore11:30 PM

Bahawalpur to other Cities Bus Timings

Departure TerminalArrival TerminalTime
BhawalpurQuetta3:15 PM
BhawalpurQuetta4:30 PM
BhawalpurJehlum / Kharian8:30 PM
BhawalpurLahore8:30 PM
BhawalpurRawalpindi9:20 PM
BhawalpurKarachi9:00 PM
BhawalpurGujrat10:30 PM
BhawalpurGujranwala10:30 PM
BhawalpurSargodha10:30 PM
Bhawalpurfaisalabad10:30 PM
BhawalpurLahore10:30 PM
BhawalpurChinyot10:30 PM
BhawalpurSheikhopura11:00 PM
BhawalpurNarowal11:00 PM
BhawalpurZafarwal11:00 PM
BhawalpurLahore11:00 PM
Bhawalpurfaisalabad11:30 PM
BhawalpurBahawalnagar2:30 AM

Lahore to other Cities Bus Timings

Departure TerminalArrival TerminalTime
LahoreKarachi11:00 AM
LahoreKarachi1:45 PM
LahoreSadiqabad3:45 PM
LahoreSadiqabad5:00 PM
LahoreSadiqabad6:00 PM
LahoreSadiqabad6:45 PM
LahoreKarachi8:00 PM
LahoreSadiqabad10:00 PM

Karachi to other Cities Bus Timings

Departure TerminalArrival TerminalTime
Karachi CanttLahore8:30 AM
Karachi CanttSarghodha10:00 AM
Karachi CanttMir Pur Azad Kashmir11:30 PM
Karachi CanttLahore3:30 PM
Karachi CanttKhanpur6:30 PM
Karachi CanttRahim Yar Khan9:00 PM

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions:

How to contact Manthar Transport?

You can call 03005709395 to contact Manthar Transport.

Do Manthar Transport go to Khanpur from Lahore?

Yes, Manthar Transport has daily departure towards Khanpur from Lahore.

How to book Manthar Transport Online tickets?

To book Manthar Transport bus tickets online visit

Which app is best to get cheapest bus tickets?

You can use Bookkaru app to get cheapest tickets.

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    Best Service in Pakistan ” Sada Bahar Buses Quetta”

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