Faisal Movers is Operating on Motorways

Faisal Movers is Operating on Motorways all over Pakistan

Faisal Movers is Operating on Motorways

About Faisal Movers:

From its inception in 2004, Faisal Movers has been trying to exceed in quality, comfort, luxury, and affordable fare prices from other bus services. Not only it makes its passengers relaxed but also entertains them with the latest VOD system. It is safer in this regard as well that it provides you sustainable transportation. Faisal Movers never compromise on its quality services. You can travel easily and affordably by Faisal Movers. Faisal Movers has a wide network where they are providing services all over the country through all motorways.

Faisal Movers is Operating on Motorways:

Faisal Movers is operating on all motorways on weekdays and weekends. All operation is as per schedule and there is no delay in time.

Customers are contacting us, inquiring about motorway bus operations of Faisal Movers. To clear that Faisal Movers is operating on all Motorways and there is no ban on company. Yes, there was 72 hours ban on the company when a bus was hit with a truck due to neglegence of bus driver, but bus operations were resumed after that time period.

Faisal Movers is Operating on Motorways, there is no ban on faisal movers

Faisal Movers Routes via Motorway:

Islamabad ~ Peshawar (Via M-1 Motorway)

Lahore ~ Islamabad (VIA M-2 Motorway)

Multan ~ Lahore (Via M-3 Motorway)

Lahore ~ Faisalabad (via M-2 and M-4 Motorway)

Multan ~ Karachi (Via M-5 Motorway)

Call 03111224488 for booking ticket over phone or visit www.bookkaru.com to buy faisal movers tickets online.

FAQ: Frquently asked questions:

Is Faisal Movers banned on motorway?

No, Faisal Movers is operating through motorway all over the country.

Does Faisal Movers Operating on motorway today?

Yes, all bus operations of Faisal Movers is as per schedule and buses are operating on regular timings through motorways all over Pakistan.

Does Faisal Movers operating on Motorways on weekends?

Yes, all buses are available as per regular timings on weekdays and weekends.

Why Faisal Movers was banned on Motorway?

Faisal Movers was banned on motorway M2 when a bus hit a truck which caused two casualties and some injured. Motorway police banned the entery of Faisal Movers for 72 hours which was lifted after that time period.

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