Faisal Movers in Northern Pakistan

faisal movers in northern Pakistan murree swat hunza gilgit

Faisal Movers in Northern Pakistan

Want to know which type of services are provided by Faisal Movers in Northern Pakistan? In this article we will discuss about the services, Fares and Timings for Northern areas like Murree, Swat, Mansehra, Gilgit, Hunza.

Faisal Movers is one of the top ranked bus companies in Pakistan which is providing service for all over the country including northern areas of Pakistan. They provide Luxurious service for many routes; ticket prices are reasonable on their basic services and some of their services are expensive in compared to other bus services.

Faisal Movers is operating routes like Lahore to Murree, Multan to Murree, Lahore to Swat, Islamabad to Swat and Islamabad to Mansehra, Chilas, Gilgit and Hunza. They operate Yutong and Daewoo Buses for these routes.

Faisal Movers in Murree:

Murree is a mountain resort town, located in Galyat region of Pir Panjal Range. Its District is Rawalpindi, and its province is Punjab. Distance between Lahore and Murree is 437 km, travel time is around 6 hours.

Faisal Movers provides two type of bus services for Murree. In Lahore its terminal is Abdullah Travels, Bus Timings and fares are mentioned below.

TimeService TypeFare
10:30 amExecutive1900
12:30 amExecutive Plus2000
01:00 amExecutive1900

In Murree Terminal is at General Bus Stand Murree, while departure time from Murree to Lahore is at 13:00

They have Hi-roof service between Murree and Islamabad which departs almost after every hour from Faizabad. Fare of Murree to Islamabad is 350 Rs.

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Faisal Movers in Swat/Kalam:

faisal movers in swat kalam
Faisal Movers in Swat – Kalam

Swat is a major tourist attraction of Pakistan. Thousands of tourists visit Swat Valley every year. It is an attractive place for tourists. Mingora is a beautiful city in Swat District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Distance between Lahore and Swat Mingora is 571 km/7 hr 2 min.

Faisal Movers operates high class service for Swat Valley. Thousands of tourists prefer to travel in Faisal Movers for Northern Areas.

In Swat it has three main terminals,

  • Mingora
  • Kabal
  • Khuazakhela
TimeService TypeFare
09:30 pmExecutive1600
09:30 pmExecutive Plus2000

Faisal Movers in Naran/Kaghan:

Naran is a major tourist attraction in summer. In winter it remained closed till March due to Snowfall. Naran/Kaghan is added in Islamabad-Hunza Route. The route from Islamabad to Kaghan, Naran, Babusar, Chilas, Gilgit and up to Hunza is particularly famous among the tourists for the scenic landscapes, the route offers breathtaking scenes.

Executive class service is being operated on that route. The fares are listed below:

  • Islamabad to Naran – Rs 1600
  • Islamabad to Kaghan – Rs 1600


Faisal Movers Bus at Hunza
Faisal Movers Bus at Hunza

Faisal Movers in Northern Pakistan is a welcoming change since no reputable bus service was running on these routes earlier. If a person who had to go to Gilgit, Hunza or beyond had to arrange for a private vehicle which is usually costly or Govt. operated bus service NATCO who had buses in bad condition with no luxury services. A hot favorite route of tourists and native public deserves to be featured in again to help you plan your next holiday in the Northern Mountains!

This service is available every day so just plan on the day at the latest if you are departing from Rawalpindi/Islamabad.

In case you are in Lahore or Multan or any other city Like Karachi, Bahawalpur, Rahim Yar Khan or any other operating city then you would have to reach Rawalpindi and then board the bus to Hunza.

Faisal Movers bus service takes the following route with stop addresses in order:

  1. Faisal Movers, Mandi More, Rawalpindi (Pick-up at 8:00 PM Everyday)
  2. Faisal Movers, City Terminal, Rawalpindi (Pick-up at 9:00 PM Everyday)
  3. Faisal Movers, Mansehra (Drop-off)
  4. Faisal Movers, Besham (Drop-off)
  5. Faisal Movers, Dasu (Drop-off)
  6. Faisal Movers, Chilas (Drop-off)
  7. Faisal Movers, Gilgit (Drop-off)
  8. Faisal Movers, Hunza (Drop-off)

Fares are provided below; they have Executive bus service which is 40-Seater Daewoo bus.

  • Islamabad to Hunza – Rs 2650
  • Islamabad to Gilgit – Rs 2300
  • Islamabad to Chilas– Rs 1800
  • Islamabad to Dasu– Rs 1150
  • Islamabad to Besham – 950
  • Islamabad to Mansehra – 470

Facilities in Buses:

They provide following facilities in these routes.

  • Comfortable Seats
  • Separate Tabs
  • Charging Pots
  • Refreshment
  • For Hunza Dinner or breakfast is also available

For more info/booking kindly contact at the UAN contact number: 03 111 22 44 88

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Faisal Movers goes to Naran?

Yes, Faisal Movers has direct bus service from Islamabad to Naran, you can also get connecting tickets from other cities such as Lahore, Multan, Karachi etc.

How much time Faisal Movers takes to Naran?

Faisal Movers takes almost 8 hours from Islamabad to Naran.

How much Faisal Movers charge for Naran ticket?

Faisal Movers charges are as follows: Islamabad to Naran – Rs 1790, Islamabad to Kaghan – Rs 1790, Multan to Naran = 3240, Lahore to Naran = 2960

How far is Murree from Lahore?

The distance from Lahore to Murree is 437 km.

How Far is Swat from Lahore and how much time Faisal Movers takes from Lahore to Swat?

Distance between Lahore and Swat Mingora is 571 km and it takes 7 hr 2 min

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    • PK Buses May 29, 2021 @ 8:27 pm

      Faisal Movers Charge 2300 from Mansehra to Hunza.

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