Road Master vs Faisal Movers

Road Master vs Faisal Movers

Road Master vs Faisal Movers:

Travelling from Lahore to Islamabad/Rawalpindi or Multan to Islamabad/Rawalpindi by bus? You can get luxury Air-conditioned bus with more leg space, equipped with Android Tablet on every seat, USB port and other facilities on board in less price. Here is the comparison between two main service providers on these two routes, Road Master vs Faisal Movers.

About Road Master:

MASTER is a very popular brand in Pakistan only because of its dedication to quality in all its goods and services. For the first time in Pakistan with flexible fares through Hybrid Ticketing Systems. It is an assurance that Road Master makes to its passengers, that you simply don’t got to look out for the other traveling partner by owing the brand.

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How to Get Road Master Tickets?

You can call Road Master helpline for Phone reservations or Road Master has their website for Online Ticket Booking, you can also book tickets from other booking site such as BookMe or EasyTickets. Ticketing Process is very Simple, staff required a National Identity card from you and book your desired seat in your specific schedule time.

The fares are very flexible, first 16 seats have more leg space and 16 to 32 seats are executive fare. Road Master gives discount mostly to their customers, their base fare from Lahore to Islamabad is starting from 1110. From Multan to Islamabad it is starting from 1430 currently at writing this article.

Services & Facilities:

Road Master has its world class terminal and they are providing excellent facilties to the customers.

There are dedicated

  • Clean toilets
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • LCD
  • Tissue box

For passengers, ticket is checked before boarding the bus also the luggage is scanned, place a tag on it and after that you are given the receipt of the luggage. The bus depart from the terminal on precise time and especially with Road Master they always respecting your schedule. “On Time Every Time” is the Road Master slogan which means that they will help you reach your destination on time.

You can check Detailed Road Master Bus Features here.

Bus Environment:

Road Master has Air purification system, harmless and refreshing so that the passengers can relax with every breath.


  • The Head Pillow is very soft and Comfortable.
  • Seats are very Comfortable with a 14.1-inch tablet.
  • 2 by 2 seats are available in which first 16 seats are business class and next 16 to 32 are executive.
  • There is enough space between the two seats so that you can spread your legs well.

ACE Entertainment System:

RoadMaster has Latest audio-visual technologies that has Switching System with Multiple Choices of Audio & Video and a high-definition LCD which is attached on the back of the seat, that is a new rise of Entertainment. You will never get bored while traveling in the Roadmaster Luxury Buses. You can watch your favorite movies and TV shows and also You can enjoy nonstop trending music from their exclusive playlists catering to all genres. The seats are also equipped with mobile chargers and plug-in power for your tablet or laptop. It has

  • Movies
  • Songs
  • Naats
  • Bayan
  • And many more games

The high-definition entertainment system “ACE” will keep you entertained throughout the trip.


Road Master offers to its passengers a delicious snack and cake that is one of the essential components for an enjoyable and satisfying long trip It also consists of a cold drink. Your meal will be served in a handy paper bag so you can tuck in en-route or take it with you when you arrive.

About Faisal Movers:

Faisal Movers is one of the biggest transportation services in Pakistan which is known due to multiple service types, affordable fares and 24 hours bus operations. The wide network makes it among the leading transportation service in Pakistan.

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How to Get Faisal Movers Ticket?

Faisal Movers has booking counters for booking the tickets and they have third party application named Bookkaru for online ticket bookings.  You need to provide your National ID card or Passport (For Foreigners) in order to get your ticket.

Faisal Movers have mutliple services on these routes like Executive, Executive plus and Business and their fares are different accordingly. 

Executive Class bus is 2 by 2, 40 Seater bus and most of the buses on Multan to Islamabad are Daewoo buses and Lahore to Islamabad has Yutong Buses in both categories i.e Executive and Business.

Faisal Movers Fares for theses routes are given below.

Lahore – Islamabad Fare12001650
Multan – Islamabad Fare16002000

Services & Facilities:


As far as entertainment is concerned, there is a tablet behind every seat for entertaining purpose, it has Movies, Songs, Naats, Bayan, Games or cartoons for kids. That doesn’t make you bored so the passengers can pass a good time with it.


Refreshment in Faisal Movesrs usually consists of a cold drink or water.

Final Words:

Road Master vs Faisal Movers: These two bus services cater a lot of passengers between Lahore ~ Islamabad and Multan ~ Islamabad. Both companies offer different services to their customers. Faisal Movers has multiple bus types which fares are different accordingly but Road Master gives you opportunity to select seats in one bus according to your budget. Road Master also has their wolrd class terminal and their fares are more than lower to any of the bus company on these routes.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Question:

Which is best bus service from Lahore to Multan?

Faisal Movers & Road Master are most luxury and best buses on Lahore Multan route.

Which bus company has cheapest fares for Lahore, Multan & Islamabad?

Road Master offers lowest fares on routes like Lahore to Multan, Lahore to Islamabad and Multan to Islamabad.

Faisal Movers or Road Master; which has best services?

Faisal Movers has nationwide network and good services while Road Master offers best services in 3 main cities of Pakistan i.e Lahore, Multan & Islamabad.

In Which Cities of Pakistan Road Master Provies its Services.

Road Master Bus Service Provides is Services Between Lahore,Multan & Islamabad.

Are there good bus terminals in Pakistan?

Road Master has the best and world class terminals in Lahore , Islamabad and Multan.

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