Road Master Bus Features

road master bus features

World Class Travel Experience with Road Master

MASTER is a very popular brand in Pakistan only because of its dedication to quality in all its goods and services. Master decided to launch Luxury Bus Service with name of Road Master back in 2019. Road Master started from one Route Lahore ~ Islamabad with its world class Travel experience. They further expanded their operations and added City of Saints “Multan” to its Luxury bus service. Road Master committed to provide its esteemed customer with supreme facilities and a world-class travel experience.

Road Master Bus Features:

There are six main essentials/features that Road Master is providing in their bus service. These six features makes them matchless from all other bus companies.

  1. Delicious Food Onboard:

    Refreshments served during traveling plays a vital role in any journey. If the refreshments are served well in travelling, the journey is more pleasant as well as the food. In some cases, passengers compromises this offer because of its budget, but if you are traveling with Road Master, you can enjoy a great meal. Road Master offers its passengers a delicious meal prepared by “Kitchen Cuisine”. Whatever time of day you travel in, you’ll be served a light meal and drinks at your seat. Your meal will be served in a handy paper bag so you can tuck in en-route or take it with you when you arrive.

  2. Eagle Eye Surveillance System:

Security is an important factor when traveling from one place to another. The safety of the whole passenger in the bus is a top most importance. Road Master Eagle Eye Surveillance CCTV cameras are installed in the buses. Control room is constantly monitored the security Surveillance during any trip.

  1. ACE Entertainment System:

Road Master has Latest audio-visual technologies that has Switching System with Multiple Choices of Audio & Video. The high-definition entertainment system “ACE” will keep you entertained throughout the trip.

There is a high-definition LCD Tab which is installed on the back of every seat. You will never get bored while traveling in the Road Master Luxury Bus. You can watch your favorite movies and TV shows and also enjoy nonstop trending music from their exclusive playlists carrying all genres. There are exciting games for kids and young people to play on the tablet to spend their time.

If you ran out of battery of you Smart Phone/Laptop, every seat is equipped with mobile chargers and plug-in power for your tablet or laptop.

  1. On Time Every Time:

Road Master always respecting your schedule. “On Time Every Time” is the slogan which means reaching to your destination on exact time. Just buy your Road Master ticket and be seated on your selected seat and leave rest to Road Master.

  1. Air Purification System:

Think about breathing for a moment, it is the most essential thing you do every time. Road Master is the first service provider that introduced air purification system in their buses. This system keeps the air pure and refreshing. Most of the people travelling in other buses complain about the atmosphere when a passenger eats something or a mother changes diaper in the bus. But when you travel in Road Master you will not face such problem.

  1. Free WIFI (Stay connected with World)

Road Master guarantees that you stay linked to your loved ones with uninterrupted Wi-Fi on your trip. Whether you are travelling or waiting at the terminal sitting area. By connecting the bus Wi-Fi to your mobile phone, you can enjoy the journey and see whatever you want.

Website for Online Booking:

For Information/Booking Contact: 03101722822

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions:

How to contact Road master Bus Service?

You can call 03101722822 to contact Road Master Bus Service.

Are there good bus terminals in Pakistan?

Road Master has the best and world class terminals in Lahore , Islamabad and Multan.

In Which Cities of Pakistan Road Master Provides its Services.

Road Master Bus Service Provides is Services Between Lahore,Multan & Islamabad.

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