Bookkaru Introduction:

BOOKKARU is an online ticket booking platform in Pakistan for the reservation of the bus Tickets. Bookkaru offers its customer  efficient, affordable and reliable travel services. Online bus ticketing has become easy now through Bookkaru, one can just visit the website/Application and select the respective service provider, destination, select payment method and you will get a confirmation message on your cell phone.

There are some main bus companies on bookkaru.com where you can buy thier ticket online.

Bus companies are listed below:

  1. Faisal Movers
  2. Sania Express
  3. Kohistan Express
  4. Matyana Movers
  5. FMSTC
  6. New Subhan
  7. Madina Express
  8. Manthar Transport
  9. Super Makhtar

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How to Book a Ticket on Bookkaru:

Go to the Bookkaru website or download the Bookkaru application to your mobile or tablet. Select the departure, arrival Cities and departure than press the search Button. It can bring the record of the route and Select the desired time in which the passenger can travel and book a (Male/Female) seat, give mandatory information like Name, Phone, Email, CNIC and Conformation Massage which is send on the passenger number and then the passenger select the desired payment Gateway method for paying the ticket Charges and click the confirm the booking button for confirm the seat.

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Bookkaru Contact Details:

Website: www.bookkaru.com

Helpline Number: 03111999560

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