Faisal Movers Peshawar Bus Timings

Faisal Movers Peshawar bus timings, contact number of terminal. Timings to Lahore, Islamabad, Bahawalpur, Multan, Rawalpindi etc.

Faisal Movers Peshawar Bus Timings

Faisal Movers is a renowned bus service operating in Pakistan that provides comfortable and safe travel to its passengers. The bus service has a fleet of modern and well-maintained buses that operate on various routes across the country including Peshawar. If you’re looking for Faisal Movers Peshawar Bus timings, then you’re at the right place. The bus service offers a variety of bus services and timings.

Faisal Movers Peshawar Bus Timings to Other Cities

Dear Visitors, please note that schedule mentioned here may not be accurate due
to daily changing from the bus operator, however we try our best to provide the
latest schedule on our site.

Schedule updated on 14 March 2023

Here are the routes Faisal Movers provides bus service from Peshawar:

  • Peshawar to Lahore
  • Peshawar to Rawalpindi/Islamabad
  • Peshawar to Bahawalpur
  • Peshawar to Multan

Faisal Movers Peshawar Bus Timings:

Peshawar to Lahore Time Schedule

Departure TimeTravel DurationService TypeMidway Stay
12:00AM05 Hrs 45 MinsExecutive PlusMotorway
01:00AM05 Hrs 45 MinsExecutive PlusMotorway
07:30AM05 Hrs 45 MinsExecutive PlusMotorway
08:30AM05 Hrs 45 MinsExecutive PlusMotorway
10:00AM05 Hrs 45 MinsExecutive PlusMotorway
12:00PM05 Hrs 45 MinsExecutive PlusMotorway
02:00PM05 Hrs 45 MinsExecutive PlusMotorway
03:30PM05 Hrs 45 MinsExecutive PlusMotorway
04:30PM05 Hrs 45 MinsExecutive PlusMotorway
08:00PM05 Hrs 45 MinsExecutive PlusMotorway
10:00PM05 Hrs 45 MinsExecutive PlusMotorway

Peshawar to Rawalpindi\Islamabad Bus Timing

Departure TimeTravel DurationService TypeMidway Stay
05:45AM02 HoursExecutive MiniNon-Stop
06:30AM02 HoursExecutive MiniNon-Stop
07:20AM02 HoursExecutive MiniNon-Stop
08:00AM02 HoursExecutive MiniNon-Stop
08:30AM02 HoursExecutive MiniNon-Stop
09:30AM02 HoursExecutive MiniNon-Stop
10:00AM02 HoursExecutive MiniNon-Stop
10:30AM02 HoursExecutive MiniNon-Stop
11:00AM02 HoursExecutive MiniNon-Stop
11:20AM02 HoursExecutive MiniNon-Stop
11:30AM02 HoursExecutive MiniNon-Stop
11:40AM02 HoursExecutive MiniNon-Stop
12:00PM02 HoursExecutive MiniNon-Stop
12:30PM02 HoursExecutive MiniNon-Stop
01:00PM02 HoursExecutive MiniNon-Stop
01:30PM02 HoursExecutive MiniNon-Stop
02:00PM02 HoursExecutive MiniNon-Stop
02:30PM02 HoursExecutive MiniNon-Stop
03:00PM02 HoursExecutive MiniNon-Stop
03:20PM02 HoursExecutive MiniNon-Stop
03:40PM02 HoursExecutive MiniNon-Stop
04:00PM02 HoursExecutive MiniNon-Stop
04:20PM02 HoursExecutive MiniNon-Stop
04:40PM02 HoursExecutive MiniNon-Stop
05:00PM02 HoursExecutive MiniNon-Stop
05:20PM02 HoursExecutive MiniNon-Stop
05:40PM02 HoursExecutive MiniNon-Stop
06:00PM02 HoursExecutive MiniNon-Stop
06:30PM02 HoursExecutive MiniNon-Stop
07:15PM02 HoursExecutive MiniNon-Stop
08:20PM02 HoursExecutive MiniNon-Stop
09:00PM02 HoursExecutive MiniNon-Stop
05:00AM02 HoursHi-RoofNon-Stop
08:45AM02 HoursHi-RoofNon-Stop
10:45AM02 HoursHi-RoofNon-Stop
12:45PM02 HoursHi-RoofNon-Stop
02:45PM02 HoursHi-RoofNon-Stop
03:45PM02 HoursHi-RoofNon-Stop
05:45PM02 HoursHi-RoofNon-Stop
07:45PM02 HoursHi-RoofNon-Stop
09:15PM02 HoursHi-RoofNon-Stop
10:30PM02 HoursHi-RoofNon-Stop

Peshawar to Bahawalpur Bus Timings

Departure TimeTravel DurationService TypeMidway Stay
08:15PM08 HoursExecutiveFaisalabad

Peshawar to Multan Bus Timings

Departure TimeTravel DurationService TypeMidway Stay
08:30PM08 HoursExecutiveFaisalabad
10:15PM08 HoursExecutiveFaisalabad
11:30PM08 HoursExecutiveFaisalabad

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Faisal Movers Contact Numbers

Faisal Movers Peshawar Terminal & Contact Numbers:

AddressAl-Madina Coach Terminal, G.T Road, Peshawar.
UAN:111-22-44-88, 03111224488
Phone/Contact Number:

091-111-22-44-88 / 0315-8222092 / 0347-9224488

For Faisal Movers Online Ticket Booking visit www.bookkaru.com

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is Faisal Movers terminal in Peshawar?

Faisal Movers Peshawar Terminal is located at Al-Madina Coach Terminal, G.T Road, Peshawar.

How to contact Faisal Movers in Peshawar?

You can call 091-111-22-44-88 / 0315-8222092 / 0347-9224488 to contact Faisal Movers Peshawar Terminal.

How to contact Faisal Movers Peshawar Terminal for Booking?

For bookings, you can contact Faisal Movers Peshawar Helpline at 091-111-22-44-88 / 0315-8222092 / 0347-9224488

Does Faisal Movers operate on the Peshawar-Lahore route?

Yes, Faisal Movers operates on the Peshawar-Lahore route.

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