Faisal Movers Multi Axle Yutong Bus

Faisal Movers Multi Axle Yutong Bus

Faisal Movers Multi Axle Yutong Bus

Buses are considered to be the easiest way to travel to different cities within the country. Not only these buses are convenient but also adds an important mode of transportation in Pakistan. Pakistan’s Transport industry is flourishing day by day. Over the years, the number of buses has significantly increased in Pakistan. However, the story does not end here, many innovations are on their way in Pakistan in transport industry. One such bus is ‘’Faisal Movers Multi Axle Yutong Bus.’’

About Yutong Master:

Yutong is a chinese bus manufacturer of commercial vehicles, headquartered in Zhengzhou, Henan CHINA. In Pakistan, Master Motors Corporation acquired license to produce Yutong buses in Pakistan with the name of Yutong Master. Yutong Master is market leader in Pakistan in terms of innovation and most number of buses running on roads in major bus companies.

New Yutong Double Axle Bus:

Not only single glass but also double glass buses are being imported in Pakistan. Faisal Movers has recently imported this double-glass bus from Yutong Bus Company which is known as Yutong Master in Pakistan. This is first bus of its kind as there was no Yutong bus which has three axles but standard two axle buses.In Pakistan there was one multi axle bus Volvo B11R which is operating on Lahore to Islamabad by Q Connect, and is considered the most Luxury bus in the country. Yutong Master has named this bus as “Grandiose” which means “impressive and imposing in appearance or style, especially pretentiously so.” This is Pakistan’s first Multi-axle Yutong bus that Faisal Movers has added to its fleet.

So, what makes this bus different and unique from other buses? This article will provide you a step-by-step details about this outstanding bus of Faisal Movers.

Let’s find out.

Bus Features:

Here we go with the outstanding features of Faisal Movers Multi Axle Yutong Bus

  • A Multi-axle bus, consisting of 8 wheels as compared to the regular 6 wheeled buses.
  • Safe and reliable
  • Fuel-efficient and enduring
  • Highest and lengthiest bus in Pakistan
  • An automatic electronic bus
  • Tight camera security
  • Anti Spin Regulator (ASR), this protects the bus during rains.

Outward look

Faisal Movers Multi Axle Yutong Bus gives a modern look. The things that make this bus catchy includes:

  • It consists of 8 wheels that can easily handle the maximum luggage.
  • It is 13.7 meters long.
  • This is the only bus with two doors in Pakistan. These doors serve two different purposes, the first door leads you to the Business class while the other one leads you to the Executive class.
  • There is a rest room with back gate for the extra driver.

Inward look 

The inner looks of this bus are different from the other buses, which includes:

  • Availability of oven, fridge, and coffee maker
  • It has a beautiful and classy ceiling
  • Leg and footrest features are also available.
  • It has two cabins that are separated from one another by a door
  • Business-class cabin

It consists of twelve seats. There are three seats in one row in 2 by 1

  • Executive class cabin

It consists of thirty-one seats in 2 by 2

Bus Route & Fare:

The confirmed route for this multi-axle bus is from Lahore to Peshawar.

Lahore to Peshawar Business Portion: 1950

Lahore to Peshawar Executive Portion: 1500

Looking for other city fares? Click here

Online Ticket Booking:

You can book tickets online from www.bookkaru.com or by calling their helpline at 03111224488

Crux of the story

To put in a nutshell, Faisal Movers facilitates its passengers through its incredible services.

There is no denying the fact that Faisal Movers has gained its footholds in Pakistan’s Transport industry within a very short time. They provide you the most convenient journey. Faisal Movers Multi Axle Yutong Bus isPakistan’s first Yutong multi-axle bus, which is the most comfortable bus to travel within the country. You must avail of the Faisal Movers services due to the afore-mentioned features of these buses.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

How much seats Faisal Movers Multi Axle Business class Portion have?

Faisal Movers Multi Axle Business Class Portion consists of twelve seats.

How much Faisal Movers Multi Axle charge from Lahore to Peshawar Executive portion?

Faisal Movers Multi Axle bus charge from Lahore-Peshawar Executive Portion 1500 Rs

How much Faisal Movers Multi Axle charge from Lahore to Peshawar Business portion?

Faisal Movers Multi Axle bus charge from Lahore-Peshawar Business Portion 1950 Rs

How much seats Faisal Movers Multi Axle Executive class Portion have?

Faisal Movers Multi Axle Executive Class Portion consists of thirty one seats in 2 by 2.

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