Daewoo Fastex Cargo & Courier Service

Daewoo Fastex Cargo & Courier Service

Daewoo Fastex Cargo & Courier Service

Daewoo Fastex is a cargo & Courier company by Daewoo Express. Daewoo Fastex cargo & Courier service is available all over the country where Daewoo Express operates, whether it’s a bus terminal or a Daewoo Fastex collection point.

Daewoo Fastex Cargo & Courier Service:

Daewoo Express has been operating since the 90s and is one of the largest transport companies in Pakistan. It’s a company known for offering high-quality services at affordable prices, which means it will always be your first choice when you need to send something within the country!

Daewoo Express also provides door-to-door courier service with an extensive network throughout Pakistan as well as to over 50 destinations worldwide. The company offers fast, reliable and affordable cargo services with a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to getting your shipment to its destination on time, every time.

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Services Offered by Daewoo Fastex:

  • Daewoo Smart Cargo
  • Daewoo Courier
  • Daewoo COD
  • Daewoo Globex
  • Daewoo Greeting

Booking of Daewoo Fastex Cargo:

You can book your cargo at any of the bus terminal/cargo booking office available in all cities of the country. You just need to bring to your parcel with send and receiver name, mobile number and CNIC. When you book parcel you will get an SMS for the confirmation of your booking with all necessary information along with the slip.

Receiving of Daewoo Cargo:

For getting your booked cargo you need to go to delivery point/terminal of Daewoo Fastex Cargo with your original CNIC and cargo bilty number which receiver will get thorugh SMS or sender.

Daewoo Fastex Cargo Tracking:

You can track your cargo through the website of Daewoo Fastex, all you need is the consignment number which you get from the slip received by sender at the time of Booking. Visit http://fastex.pk/ to track your cargo.

  • Step 1. Click Consignment Tracking on the upper right corner
  • Step 2. Enter You consignment number in the box.
  • Step 3. Press Track button.

daewoo fastex cargo and courier tracking on website

Daewoo Fastex Tarif Calculator:

You can get tarif calculated before booking a parcel with daewoo fastex cargo & Courier, just visit http://fastex.pk/tariff-calculator.aspx and enter required details such as type of service you want to get, from destination, to destination, parcel type and weight. There are different rates of cargo depending on the size, volume and parcel. You can get the rates from any of the cargo booking point/terminal also.

Daewoo Fastex Contact Details:

  • ADDRESS: 231-A Ferozepur Road Lahore 54000 Pakistan231-A Ferozepur Road Lahore 54000 Pakistan
  • PHONE: UAN: 042-111-007-009, CELL:  0304-111-7-009


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