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5 Best bus Services from Islamabad to Karachi to Islamabad, Rawalpindi

5 Best Bus Services from Islamabad/Rawalpindi to Karachi

5 Best Bus Services from Islamabad to Karachi Islamabad is Pakistan’s Capital City and Karachi¬† is the capital of Sindh Province and also the largest city by population of Pakistan. Thousands of passengers travel between these two cities on daily basis by road, by air or train. There are numerous bus services in Pakistan which […]

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kainat travels bus ticket price fare list

Kainat Travels Fares

Kainat Travels Fare list | Bus Ticket Price Fares were updated on 07 February 2020. Departure CityDestination CityLuxuryExecutive KarachiMultanN/A2600 KarachiFaisalabadN/A3300 KarachiBalkasar31003500 KarachiRawalpindi31003500 KarachiMianwali2800N/A KarachiTalagang3100N/A KarachiRikhi2800N/A KarachiDanda Sha2900N/A FaisalabadMoroN/A2800 FaisalabadHyderabadN/A3200 FaisalabadSukkurN/A2100 FaisalabadKarachiN/A3300 HyderabadMultanN/A2400 HyderabadFaisalabadN/A3200 HyderabadRawalpindi29003500 HyderabadMianwali2600N/A HyderabadTalagang2800N/A HyderabadBalkasar29003500 BalkasarSukkur25002700 BalkasarMoro26003500 BalkasarHyderabad29003500 BalkasarKarachi31003500 MianwaliSukkur2000N/A MianwaliMoro2400N/A MianwaliHyderabad2600N/A MianwaliKarachi2800N/A MultanMoroN/A2200 MultanHyderabadN/A2400 MultanKarachiN/A2600 RawalpindiSukkur25002700 RawalpindiMoro28003500 RawalpindiHyderabad29003500 RawalpindiKarachi31003500 SukkurMultanN/A1500 SukkurFaisalabadN/A2100 SukkurRawalpindi25002700 [...] Read More

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