Daewoo Express Multan to Sadiqabad Bus

Daewoo Express Multan to Sadiqabad Bus

In this article, we will provide detailed information about Daewoo Express Multan to Sadiqabad bus route, including bus ticket prices, bus timings, ticket bookings, terminal contacts, and other relevant details that can help make your journey comfortable and hassle-free.

About Daewoo Express:

Daewoo Express is a popular bus service in Pakistan that provides comfortable and luxurious travel experiences to its customers. They have a fleet of over 450 buses from well-known brands like Daewoo, Yutong Master, Volvo, and Golden Dragon. They operate in more than 60 bus terminals across Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan, and KPK, offering transportation services throughout the country.

Daewoo Express Multan to Sadiqabad Bus Service:

Daewoo Express is one of Pakistan’s leading and most reliable bus services, operating in several major cities across the country. The Multan to Sadiqabad route is one of their most popular and frequently traveled routes, catering to a large number of passengers on a daily basis.

Their coaches have modern facilities like air conditioning, comfortable seats, restrooms, Wi-Fi, and entertainment. All these facilities make the journey enjoyable for passengers.

Whether for business or leisure, Daewoo Express offers a convenient and reliable mode of transportation between Multan and Sadiqabad.

Multan to Sadiqabad Route Details:

The Multan to Sadiqabad bus route is popular among travelers and commuters, connecting two of Pakistan’s major cities. The total distance is approximately 281 kilometers and takes around 3 and a half hours to complete, depending on traffic conditions.

Daewoo Express Multan to Sadiqabad Bus Ticket Price:

Daewoo Express bus has the following ticket fares:

RouteTicket Price (Luxury)Ticket Price (Luxury)
Multan to Sadiqabad Rs. 1856Rs. 1856

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Daewoo Express Multan to Sadiqabad Bus Timings:

Daewoo Express Multan to Sadiqabad bus service operates throughout the day from 08:00 AM till late at night.

RouteFirst DepartureSecond DepartureTravel Duration
Multan to Sadiqabad 08:00 AM09:00 PM03 Hours 30 Mins
Sadiqabad to Multan 08:00 AM09:00 PM03 Hours 30 Mins

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Multan to Sadiqabad Online Ticketing Booking:

Daewoo Express has its own website and Android application offering online ticketing. The Company has been a trendsetter in the transportation industry of PAKISTAN since its inception. They also launched their online ticketing service to book bus tickets for all routes where Company operates. They accept JazzCash, Easypaisa, and Credit, Debit cards as payment methods. The company has also launched Android and IOS apps, which can be downloaded from their respective stores for free.  Click Here to Learn about Daewoo Express Online Booking

Online Ticket Booking Website: daewoo.com.pk

Daewoo Express Bus Terminals in Multan & Sadiqabad:

Terminal CityAddressContact Number
MultanOpp. TTC, Qaddafi Chowk, Multan.061-6776363
Sadiqabad KLP Road, Tehsil Sadiqabad, Dist, RYK.068-5674476

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the timings of Daewoo Express buses for the Multan to Sadiqabad route?

Daewoo Express has departures daily from 08:00 AM to 09:00 PM

What are the facilities available on Daewoo Express buses?

Daewoo Express has Onboard Attendant WIFI (Optional in Some Bus Types), Charging Ports, AC / Heater, Reclining Seats, Foot Rest, and Refreshments (Optional in Some Bus Types).

Is it possible to book Daewoo Express bus tickets online for Multan to Sadiqabad route?

Yes, you can book tickets from their website daewoo.com.pk

What is the ticket price of the Daewoo Express bus from Multan to Sadiqabad?

Lahore to Sadiqabad Daewoo Express bus ticket price is Rs. 1856.

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