Road Master Bus Timings & Fares

road master bus timings and fares, ticket price list

Road Master Bus Timing & Fares

Dear Visitors, please note that schedule mentioned here may not be accurate due
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Schedule is updated on ( 18 December 2020 )

About Road Master:

Road Master is a luxury bus service operating between three major cities of Pakistan; Lahore, Islamabad and Multan.

Road Master Bus Timings and Fares

Lahore to Islamabad and Islamabad to Lahore

RouteDeparture TimeFareRouteDeparture TimeFare
Lahore to Islamabad06:00 AM1110Islamabad to Lahore06:00 AM1110
Lahore to Islamabad09:00 AM1110Islamabad to Lahore09:00 AM1110
Lahore to Islamabad11:00 AM1110Islamabad to Lahore11:00 AM1110
Lahore to Islamabad12:30 PM1110Islamabad to Lahore12:30 PM1110
Lahore to Islamabad02:30 PM1110Islamabad to Lahore02:30 PM1110
Lahore to Islamabad04:30 PM1110Islamabad to Lahore04:30 PM1110
Lahore to Islamabad06:00 PM1110Islamabad to Lahore06:00 PM1110
Lahore to Islamabad08:00 PM1110Islamabad to Lahore08:00 PM1110
Lahore to Islamabad12:00 AM1110Islamabad to Lahore12:00 AM1110
Lahore to Islamabad01:30 AM1110Islamabad to Lahore01:30 AM1110

Lahore to Multan and Mutan to Lahore

RouteDeparture TimeFareRouteDeparture TimeFare
Lahore to Multan07:00 AM990Multan to Lahore07:00 AM990
Lahore to Multan10:00 AM990Multan to Lahore10:00 AM990
Lahore to Multan12:00 PM990Multan to Lahore12:00 PM990
Lahore to Multan02:30 PM990Multan to Lahore02:30 PM990
Lahore to Multan05:00 PM990Multan to Lahore05:00 PM990
Lahore to Multan07:30 PM990Multan to Lahore07:30 PM990
Lahore to Multan12:00 AM990Multan to Lahore12:00 AM990

Multan to Islamabad and Islamabad to Mutan

RouteDeparture TimeFareRouteDeparture TimeFare
Multan to Islamabad12:00AM1430Islamabad to Multan12:00AM1430

You can Buy Tickets online from Road Master website roadmaster.pk or bookme.pk

About Road Master Bus Service


Address and Contact Numbers are listed below:

Address: Band Rd, J-Block Gulshan-e-Ravi, Lahore
Phone Number: (042) 111-722-822

Address: Pirwadahai More, I.J.P. Road, Rawalpindi
Phone Number: (051) 111-722-822

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