Public Transport to Reopen on 18 May in KPK and Punjab

public transport to reopen


Public Transport to Reopen on 18 May in KPK and Punjab

Public Transport to Reopen on 18 May in KPK and Punjab

Punjab and KPK allows Public Transport to Reopen on 18 May 2020 after almost two months of Lockdown due to COVID-19. Govt. of Pakistan announced nationwide lockdown on March 22, 2020. All inter and intra city public transport were closed as per announcement made by Government.

On 16 May 2020, Government announced to reopen public transport due to Eid vacations starting soon. As thousands of Passengers were stuck in different cities due to non availablity of transport.

PM Imran Khan Stand on Public Transport

PM Imran Khan is stating from the day lockdown started, to not close the public transport, as the people of the country needs to travel for their business. Also because there is a huge number of population which is dependant on the transportation services.

public transport

Sindh Govt. disallow to Open Public Transport

When everyone is looking at PM Imran Khan as he is asking all provinces to open public transport in the country. Sindh Government rejects to open public transport in the province. As per their prespective it will be blunder to open the transport where passengers are so closed to each other and the risk of COVID-19 will be increased.

Public Transport to Reopen on 18 May in KPK and Punjab

Fares Reduced by 20%

Along with the good news of transport services to resume on May 18th, CM Buzdar announced 20% fare reduction to bus services. As oil prices saw major decline in past couple of months, CM Buzdar and Govt announces to give benefit to common people by reducing the Bus ticket prices.

ticket price reduced

Tranpsort Services which are going to open on 18 May.

All intra city and inter-city transport will be reopen from 18 May as per govt says.

As per announcemnets made by Inter-city Bus companies almost all buses are resuming their operations on 18 May including Daewoo Express, Faisal Movers, Niazi Express, Skyways, ITC Cruzer, Road Master, Baloch Transport and many others.

One thing to mention, these buses will not operate in Sindh Province until the government allows to open.

Here are some posts from the Bus Operators where they announced to open services on 18th May.

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