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Top 10 Bus Companies in Pakistan

Top 10 Bus Companies in Pakistan

Top 10 Bus Companies in Pakistan| Best 10 Bus Companies Buses in Pakistan are one of the best way of road transportation for many cities with good passenger carrying capacity. Day by day the bus companies are modernizing their fleet with latest buses imported from Different bus manufacturers in world like China, Korea and Japan. […]

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itc cruzer ticket price list

ITC Cruzer Fares List

ITC Cruzer Ticket Price List | Bus Ticket Fares Fares were updated on 1st January 2021 DepartureDestinationPremiumImperial KarachiRahim Yar Khan18002450 KarachiMultan25003200 KarachiHyderabad450550 KarachiSukkur12001650 KarachiIslamabad37004800 KarachiFaisalabad31003500 FaisalabadRahim Yar Khan10501300 FaisalabadHyderabad24002700 FaisalabadMultan500600 FaisalabadSukkur15501700 FaisalabadIslamabad11001500 FaisalabadKarachi28003100 IslamabadRahim Yar Khan20002450 IslamabadHyderabad32504100 IslamabadMultan14001800 IslamabadSukkur25003300 IslamabadKarachi37004800 IslamabadFaisalabad11001500 HyderabadRahim Yar Khan14001700 HyderabadMultan21002600 HyderabadSukkur8501100 HyderabadIslamabad32504100 HyderabadFaisalabad27003000 HyderabadKarachi450550 MultanRahim Yar Khan600750 MultanHyderabad19502600 MultanSukkur11501400 MultanKarachi25003200 [...] Read More