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Faisal Movers Multan

Faisal Movers Multan

Faisal Movers Multan | Complete Details | Terminals | Ticket Prices | Contact About Multan: Multan is a city in Punjab, Pakistan. Located on the banks of the Chenab River, Multan is Pakistan's 6th largest city, and is the major cultural and economic centre of southern Punjab. Multan's history stretches deep into antiquity. Faisal Movers [...] Read More
Google Tributes Public Transportation Workers

Google Paying Tribute to Public Transportation Workers

Google Tributes Public Transportation Workers Google has started its doodle series to pay tribute to the contributors of coronavirus outbreak from April 6. We are watching this from a week ago that Google is showing thank you messages by making creative and eye of appealing doodles to offer tribute to them who serves. You additionally […]

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faisal movers lahore

Faisal Movers Lahore

Faisal Movers Lahore | Complete Details | Terminals | Ticket Prices | Contact About Lahore: Lahore is the capital of the Pakistani province of Punjab. It is the country's 2nd largest city after Karachi and 18th largest city in the world. Lahore is one of Pakistan's wealthiest and oldest city. Faisal Movers Lahore Faisal Movers [...] Read More
niazi express ticket price list

Niazi Express Ticket Price List

Niazi Express Ticket Price List | Bus Ticket Fares Fares were updated on 23 May 2020. About Niazi Express: Founded in 1990, Niazi Bus Service is the largest provider of intercity and urban bus transportation, serving more than 150 destinations with 1500 daily departures across Pakistan. It has become a Pakistan icon, providing travel to [...] Read More
baloch daewoo schedule

Baloch Transport Bus Schedule

Baloch Daewoo Schedule | Baloch Transport Schedule from Lahore to Other Cities Dear Visitors, please note that schedule mentioned here may not be accurate due to daily changing from the bus operator, however we try our best to provide the latest schedule on our site. Schedule is updated on ( 20 March 2020 ) About […]

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itc cruzer ticket price list

ITC Cruzer Fares List

ITC Cruzer Ticket Price List | Bus Ticket Fares Fares were updated on 23 March 2020. DepartureDestinationPremiumImperial KarachiRahim Yar Khan18002250 KarachiMultan23002900 KarachiHyderabad450550 KarachiSukkur12001550 KarachiIslamabad37004800 KarachiFaisalabad28003500 FaisalabadRahim Yar Khan10501300 FaisalabadHyderabad24003000 FaisalabadMultan500600 FaisalabadSukkur15501950 FaisalabadIslamabad11001500 FaisalabadKarachi28003500 IslamabadRahim Yar Khan20002450 IslamabadHyderabad32504100 IslamabadMultan14001800 IslamabadSukkur25003100 IslamabadKarachi37004800 IslamabadFaisalabad11001500 HyderabadRahim Yar Khan14001700 HyderabadMultan19502400 HyderabadSukkur8501100 HyderabadIslamabad32504100 HyderabadFaisalabad24003000 HyderabadKarachi450550 MultanRahim Yar Khan600750 MultanHyderabad19502400 MultanSukkur11501400 MultanKarachi23002900 [...] Read More
kainat travels bus ticket price fare list

Kainat Travels Fares

Kainat Travels Fare list | Bus Ticket Price Fares were updated on 07 February 2020. Departure CityDestination CityLuxuryExecutive KarachiMultanN/A2600 KarachiFaisalabadN/A3200 KarachiBalkasar31003500 KarachiRawalpindi31003500 KarachiMianwali2800N/A KarachiTalagang3100N/A KarachiRikhi2800N/A KarachiDanda Sha2900N/A FaisalabadMoroN/A2800 FaisalabadHyderabadN/A3200 FaisalabadKarachiN/A3200 HyderabadMultanN/A2400 HyderabadFaisalabadN/A3200 HyderabadRawalpindi29003500 HyderabadMianwali2600N/A HyderabadTalagang2800N/A HyderabadBalkasar29003500 BalkasarSukkur25002700 BalkasarMoro26003500 BalkasarHyderabad29003500 BalkasarKarachi31003500 MianwaliSukkur2000N/A MianwaliMoro2400N/A MianwaliHyderabad2600N/A MianwaliKarachi2800N/A MultanMoroN/A2200 MultanHyderabadN/A2400 MultanKarachiN/A2600 RawalpindiSukkur25002700 RawalpindiMoro28003500 RawalpindiHyderabad29003500 RawalpindiKarachi31003500 SukkurMultanN/A1500 SukkurFaisalabadN/A2100 SukkurRawalpindi25002700 SukkurMianwali2000N/A [...] Read More
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