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About Daewoo Korea:

Daewoo Motors  was a South Korean automotive company established in 1937 as “National Motors”. The company changed its name several times until 1983 when it became “Daewoo Motors”. After running into financial difficulties, it sold most of its assets in 2001 to General Motors, becoming a subsidiary of the American company and in 2011, the name “Daewoo” was definitively removed and the company renamed to GM Korea.

About Daewoo Pak:

Daewoo Pak Motors (PVT) Ltd, (DPML)” incorporated in Oct 2008 as a joint venture company of Daewoo Bus Corporation Korea and Afzal motors (Pvt) Ltd. Pakistan. Daewoo Bus Corporation, Korea has stepped forward to share hands with Afzal Motors by Foreign Direct Investment in plant, machinery and technology to manufacture Daewoo buses in Pakistan.

Bus Models
Buses Sold
Experience in Field

Intercity Buses in Pakistan

Daeoo Pak Motors has top 4 intecity and intracity Bus Models, which dominated the passenger transportation market in Pakistan from 1997 till now. These buses are being used by top bus companies in Pakistan and are liked by the passengers and bus owners. These buses are equiped with all latest ameneties and luxuries which are required for a comfortable journey.

Four major intercity bus models are listed below.

Daewoo BH115
Daewoo BH116
Daewoo BF120
Daewoo BH120F

Facilities in Bus

  1. In-Seat Power Outlets (Optional)
  2. Tabs
  3. Comfortable Seats
  4. A.C  / Header

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